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Welcome to my site! In this website You can get to see some fun content based on the things I love and enjoy, hopefully, you guys will love it too! If you want to support me, you can follow me and check out my Pinterest so you can check out new content every week!

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  • My goals for the new school year!
    Hello! Well. it’s been some time since that last post so I decided to talk about going back to school! Although I miss having a break to work on few skills and also relaxing, we’re going back to learning which really does hit me. When it comes to studies, I know many people including myself… Continue Reading →
  • It’s been a year.. thank you!
    Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I came on WordPress for some time due to some personal stuff and exams of course, and I finally came with a willpower of making this post. And today marks one year of the blog! I just wanted to thank everyone who waited for me and also enjoyed… Continue Reading →
  • The Chill Post!: Post #7 – Happy New Year!+my resolutions!
    Hello everybody! Happy New year <3333! 2021 was pretty much of an interesting year for me, but blogging definitely made me so interested in it! I have some resolutions I wanna share with y’all, To reduce distractions while doing any tasks. Reduce screentime and to take care of my health. To make a proper schedule,… Continue Reading →

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