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Welcome to my site! In this website You can get to see some fun content based on the things I love and enjoy, hopefully, you guys will love it too! If you want to support me, you can follow me and check out my Pinterest so you can check out new content every week!

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  • 2022 Blogmas: Season’s greetings! – post #2 – MY beloved Christmas jingles + some experiences~
    Hello everyone! I’m back with another post for my casual blogmas! This time, it’s all about the carols and Christmas cheer! It’s always a tradition to pull out the good ol’ Christmas carols for the occasion and to sing it with great joy with friends and family. I, for one, adore singing carols and enjoy […]
  • 2022 Blogmas: Season’s greetings! – post #1 – starting off with the wonderful christmas decorum~
    Hello everyone! (not me dying again but it’s Christmas season so you won’t see me going back-) it’s finally December! I still have memories of last Christmas like it was yesterday. Decorations , holly jolly jingles and enjoying Christmas traditions and cheer, and we are finally back to it! This year certainly felt quite short […]
  • Moodboards I’ve made! (been a while~)
    Hello! Since I have been busy with school, I’ve decided to do a small post on some moodboards on some of my favorite aesthetics that I’ve really liked recently! hope you enjoy them~ Soft lilac~ 💜 soft brown~🧸 indie core 🌈 straw frog~🍓 (i can’t even describe what this is about but i lowkey like […]

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