Ever since the lockdown started, I have had a learning experience too in this lockdown, by doing chores , having online classes, but most of all I have started making my own hobbies, so for this blog, I will be talking about one of my hobbies which is……”Terrace Photography”.

I take pictures in balconies and terraces Every morning and evening, I go for a walk and admire the view of the sky and take some clicks to share it with others. Some people even think they are from a different country! With the sky’s beautiful features and colors, it really makes the pictures special and awesome!

In my area, when you see the place in the evening, it looks extremely fabulous! With the street lights and small houses, it feels cozy  and cool. It really shows the breathtaking nightlife…….

In the morning, it looks pretty bright and sunny, it almost feels like a beach. There are a lot of birds too! From small pigeons to big peahens, these birds migrated from different cities and states, some came from the marshlands .With the bright sky and palm trees, you will feel extremely relaxed and chill.

I have a lot of pictures I took and some are really interesting! You can see them in my Pinterest.

In conclusion, I would say that this hobby is really fun and interesting, and you can try it too! It’s safe and it really brings your inner photographer…. I hope you enjoyed this blog! get ready for others, bye!


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