Random Thursdays: My travel bucket list

Hello! In todays blog, I’m gonna be talking about my travel bucket list. Everyone has so many places they really want to go to, maybe it’s Paris, Italy, Australia, and lots more! Today I will be talking about my top 4 places I REALLY want to go…

4) Japan: The reason why I want to go to Japan is about their lifestyle. It’s calming, slightly busy and really beautiful. Tea ceremonies, sushi, kimonos, and karaoke, having to experience that would be really cool

3) Malaysia: Malaysia is a type of country with various influences on different cultures which is pretty fascinating. The influence between the Chinese and Indian cultures brings an interesting twist to their food, city, and their overall culture. Kuala Lumpur and the iconic Petronas towers, the beauty of these destinations is really tempting and really mesmerizing to look at.

2) Singapore: The country has a variety of tourist attractions, which makes them such a popular tourist destination. The garden by the bay was one of my favorites. The look, creativity and beauty really captures my eye. The reason I really want to go there, is to see the tourist attractions, the food, the people, so I can get to feel what it’s like.

South Korea: Ever since I got into K-pop and their culture, I have so many reasons I wanna go there. Because of their food, After researching so many Korean foods like Samgyetang( Chicken soup), Tteokbokki( Stir-fried rice cakes), I always wanted to try how it tasted like. I also liked their fashion, music and their language.

And this comes to the end of our my blog, although there are a lot of places I love, hopefully I will get to go there. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and I also want to know what is your top 4 places you want to go too! Bye now!

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