Hobby Wednesdays: DIY- Home decors

Hello! Today’s blog is about Ideas for making your own home decors. Having Home decors are mostly used for making your house look fun, but what makes it more fun, is when you make one yourself! In Lockdown, I ‘ve thought of some Ideas by myself, and I will be sharing them with you guys, Here are 3 ideas you can do for your home décor!

Chart/Paper Name Banners: For making this, you will need some papers or just a chart, some colors, strings, tape, and possibly any other decorations you want to add. First, cut the papers into equal size shapes( you can cut 2 in 1 paper and do it for the others, depending on how many letters are there in your name/ for chart you can just divide it in 1 chart). Next, you can start adding letters in each paper piece and decorate it however you like. Then, pock some holes in the corner of each shape( you can poke 1 or 2), we need it so we can put the string inside each letter, you can arrange it as your name. Finally, you can tape it to any wall and hang it.

Quilling art: This is quite common for the usage of decorations. Basically, there are strips of different colors of paper and you can make lots of decorations by making bracelets, twirling them into toys, decorations for cards, and so on.

Growing plants: Plant growing is pretty fun and can look really eco-friendly in your house. You can buy a plant or plant seeds. You can also use seeds from your fruits and vegetables and plant them in some compost or soil.

And now we have come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed and found my blog helpful! until next time… Bye!


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