Talky Tuesdays: Why do we keep forgetting things?

There are lot of stuff that we tend to forget. Maybe it’s during an exam or preparing for a meeting, or just simply forgetting your friend’s birthday. The point is we’ve all done it. All of us, at sometimes, having ourselves busting out our 2 braincells, trying to remember. I’ve done it a lot of times during exams. But what makes us forget certain information?

There are so many reasons to this. But I’m going to be explaining 2, Decay and Interference.

Decay: Ever feel like the information in your mind just vanished? But we feel like it’s there. Having an incapability of trying to retrieve information is one of the reasons why we keep forgetting. This can be known as the decaying theory. It means that every memory trace you make, later on it’s starts grow faint in your mind. If the information hasn’t been recovered or recited, it will start to get disorientated.

Interference: Interference has more to do with the memories you have and how they start meddling with each other. If they are alike, interference most probably gonna occur. There are 2 basic types of interference: Proactive interference and Retroactive interference. Proactive interference is when an old memory makes it hard to recollect a new memory. Retroactive interference is when a new source of information starts to intrude the old information you learnt earlier.

But how do we make sure that we remember it well? Rehearse and recite. Rehearsing can be done orally or written. Making sure that your information is registered somewhere can make sure that you can refer it anytime and anywhere. Once you’ve done that you can start reciting and make sure it sticks in your head.

You can read more about causes of forgetting in this article which I used: Reasons Why People Forget (

And now we have come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed and found my blog helpful! until next time… Bye!

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