Hobby Wednesdays: Reading books!

One of the things to do when you’re bored is Reading. It has a lot of genres and concepts that people written by various famous authors. Each person has their own taste on what they enjoy. I personally like adventurous and humor types of books. In this blog, We are going to be focusing on why reading is fun and how you can keep it as a hobby. We are going to be looking at 3 reasons. Let’s look into it!

Stress-free and calming: Reading can be helpful for your mental health. Being very stressed or working yourself too hard is never good, so reading books can help. The reason why I say this is that when you feel the book in your hands and reading the printed letters, it feels pretty nice and you can clear your mind.

Good for your eyes: Having to sit with a screen for days is hard, especially as things are online. A lot of light radiation from the screen can bring lots of harm to your eyes. Reading books everyday can help you keep your eyes in good shape. Although it might be hard to see when you have time, you can always set a screen-time reduce plan to manage your use of gadgets.

Creativity: Reading books can also expand our creativity. When we read a book, we tend to imagine and think a, but it depends on what book it might be. It can be something funny, motivational, Adventurous or sad. What we read can also influence us and also help us be creative in any form.

And now we have come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed and found my blog helpful! until next time… Bye!

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