K-pop stuff: Survival shows

Warning: K-pop related content ahead

In the K-pop world, there have been a huge amount idols being produced in each generation of K-pop, which led to saturation of Idols. Slowly, people start to lose interest in Idols, in which entertainment companies use concept of survival shows, so that they can not only profit but make people more interested into talented trainees. In the past years, there have been a lot of controversies surrounding this concept. So in this blog, I will be talking about what these survival shows, the pros and cons, past controversies, and my thoughts on what this whole thing is.

What is it? and how does it work? It is a program which are conducted by entertainment companies, in which trainees(either from the same company or a series of companies) compete to debut in a group. They compete in 4-5 rounds and get chosen by their popularity and votes. In the past years, I have been watching a lot of survival shows, such as the PRODUCE 101 series, in which 101 trainees from various companies compete to debut, they have created groups such as I.O.I, WANNAONE, IZ*ONE, & X1.But these shows have more of Cons than Pros. Let’s start on a positive note, and see the Pros.

Pros: Well, they get popular. Specific trainees in these shows can receive a lot of popularity and love from fans by looks, talent and personality. They showcase their talents in the series of performances so they can show of their charms and professionalism. This can lead them to get more votes and let them debut, but that’s not always the case. When trainees don’t debut, companies can debut them under their own company, but that’s their choice.

Cons: There are a lot of cons to this, based on controversies that happened. 1. Rigged voting: This has happened with a lot of shows and have affected a lot of groups(including some trainees). Let’s take X1 as an example, this 11-member group only stayed in the industry for 5 months because the votes weren’t entirely accurate. Almost 8 of the 11 places were rigged, and this came from the PRODUCE 101 series. More information was released the previous from the same series were rigged as well. Rigged voting can occur with a lot of companies discussing with the directors, trying to persuade them.

2. Mistreating trainees: In survival show Idol school, a former trainee who participated in the show revealed that trainees that gain a little weight had to starve themselves and only eat portions as small as one French fry. The surprising thing that she revealed, is that they had to act in the show, by showing tears, telling things the producers told them, and they called it a “Reality show”.

3. Invading trainees’ privacy: During the filming of the show they put few cameras in the dorms so they can film what they’re doing, the trainees can goof around and talk to the camera. But one of the things that are not needed, that they also show things that are quite private. 4. Contracts of these project groups: When it comes to these type of shows, it’s quite uncertain to how long they will be together, sometimes it’s a year or two, or even months. It all depends on what the companies want to do and the groups’ popularity.

In conclusion, survival shows can help the trainees get exposure to performance and can help them gain popularity, but at the same time can be quite manipulated, but we always have a chance to support them individually.

And now we’ve come to the end of the blog. I hope you enjoyed this article and share your thoughts as well in the comments. If you want to support this blog, leave a like, comment or follow me to see more blogs like this and much more fun stuff. Until then…. Bye now!

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