Learning and Productivity Mondays: Time management methods – Personal Kanban

When using task applications, you mostly assign tasks to yourself and categorize them into labels. The Kanban has something similar to it and it can be done on a piece of paper or using MS Word or PowerPoint. Kanban is one of the leading time productivity methods because of it’s ease of use and effectiveness. In this blog, I will be talking about how it works and the pros & cons.

How it works?

The Kanban board has only 3 lists:

  1. Backlog/To-Do – This is similar to the to-do lists you write on paper. It consists tasks that need to be done soon.
  2. Doing/In-progress – This list consists of tasks that you are doing currently.
  3. Done – This list is basically tasks that you have done. Once you’re done with the task you can put in this list.

Since this method has 3 lists, it’s not that you should write your tasks in all of them at once, it’s kind of like a process. First off, you put all the task you need to do in the first list, and when you are starting to do one of the tasks you can move it to the next one, and finally once you are done you can move it to the last list.

Pros: 1. Powerful visualization 2. Easy to track your progress 3. Simple to manage and organize

Cons: 1. Long tasks can be overwhelming 2. Working on a lot of tasks can be confusing 3. Hard to scale

This method is more over for people who are more visually orientated and looking for a simple and straight-forward solution to manage tasks and projects.

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