The Everything Collab with Betty!

Hello people of this world! We have had this Collab planned for a while now (basically a week) and we can’t wait to share it with you guys! As you see in this title, In this blog, I am collaborating with fellow blogger Betty(Sup sis)! and this is the Everything Collab!

How this works: This blog is basically an interview in which we will switch our interests and write our thoughts on it, so basically these choices are made by Betty. The images are also switched! so the images I made are in Betty’s blog and she made the images in my blog. This blog has 6 segments Favorite game, quote, song, Movie, and our top 5 blogging questions in which we will ask each other. Let’s get into it!

Betty’s choices and my thoughts on it!

Segment 1: 🃏🎲Favorite Game – Chess 

Honestly a good choice. It has a lot of moves and is quite fun. It is quite difficult for me to learn( I have a puny brain ok) but I did try it with my friends too. As chess can be quite competitive, it requires a lot of brainpower and focus so you can think correct moves to pull which really makes it interesting for viewers and the players. It has a lot of benefits too.

Segment 2: 📕📚Favorite Book -Amelia Jane

Amelia Jane is pretty much of a book that is suited for younger ages but it’s still nice to read. I have heard of this series but I never read it before, so I did some research and read some reviews and some blurbs. Based on the reviews, I found It funny and had an interesting plot, which can engage a lot of kids into getting in the habit of reading fun series. 

 Segment 3: 🧡Favorite Quote-  “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!” 

Oh…the classic quote, I heard a lot about it but it’s true. It’s basically considered a metaphor, when obstacles come your way(or in this case lemons) you have to deal with it and learn to overcome it(you have to make lemonade), but there are various meanings to this same quote. It’s very optimistic and motivational for a lot of people to take life seriously and to not quit, including me.

Segment 4: 🎵🎤Favorite music – You belong with me (Taylor Swift) 

This has got to be one of the best OG songs I’ve heard from Taylor. It’s pretty good and I love the song’s tune. It has been 11 years since it’s release(dang that’s long) and now she has more of a change in her music but I like her new releases too. The concept of the MV is quite quirky and I loved it, and it’s ageless!

Segment 5:🎬🎥Favorite Movie – Harry Potter(all of them)

I’m not that much of a potterhead but this series was really good. It has been a long time since those movies were released but it never ages and people still love it! It had amazing plots and storyline and how the cast was able to portray this series is simply amazing, don’t forget the iconic moments too!

Segment 6: ✨Blog questions! ✨ given by Betty~

Made by Betty!

Q-1 What’s your next goal in blogging?

It is probably revolving over what content I can write about in the future. Not many people see my blogs but I still wanna find some topics which can really hook me up and get people interested.

 Q-2 Why did you choose WordPress? 

I feel like WordPress has a huge community of bloggers and it’s pretty cool to find out other peoples’ works and websites. You can also try to connect with other people(Like how I found Betty) which is really great but you got to be careful.

Q-3 Why do you think WordPress should improve and for what? 

I pretty much don’t have a problem with the platform because I’m still learning how it works and it’s quite helpful.

Q-4 When we’re you the happiest in your blogging journey till now? 

My happiest moment is maybe when people notice my blogs and actually enjoy reading it, it just makes me feel warm inside. I shared my blog in my mom’s whatsapp(cringey I know) but a lot of my mom’s friends loved my blogs and my style of writing and I always feel thankful that people actually like it.

Q-5 Do you ever think you’ll have to leave blogging forever?

Pretty sus question if you ask me, but honestly I don’t know. I feel like it depends on my life situation, what I choose to do in the future and how I’m gonna find time to work on this blog. For now, I keep it as a hobby and I love doing it, that’s what matters.

If you want to see betty’s blog(AKA the other half) click here Betty’s blog

And now we’ve come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed this blog( I sure did) and share your thoughts in the comments and leave a like! until then.. see ya’ll later!


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