Random Thursdays: Top 3 subjects that I like(they are acceptable ok)

I’m not a studying type of person(I suck man), but there are some subjects which I’m kind of interested in and are somewhat acceptable. In this blog, I’ll be talking about the top 4 subjects that I like. Let’s get into it!

1. Computer Science: When it comes to doing codes and learning animation, I’m all ears. Since we are in the digital age, the help of programming and web development can help us in finding good opportunities in the future if we ever plan to be a programmer or a data scientist. Last year, I started learning the use HTML and CSS for web development and creating webpages which really fascinated me.

2. Science: Not necessarily a fan of, but I do enjoy it. Although we don’t use it much in actual real life situations(that is if you are choosing to be part of science and medical occupations) I still enjoy learning how the world works. I mostly enjoy learning Earth science which have much to do with trees and lot of insider information about it.

3. Geography: One of the reasons why geography is one of the subjects that I think are quite acceptable, is the vast range of topics such as, Learning about countries, climate change, industries, etc. In the first class of geography for this year, we were mostly talking about how we should save earth and take care of environment, which is vital to learn.

4. Math: In the past years, I have had some difficulty with math and I would always get confused. I feel like now I’m able to learn in my own pace and take my time. When it comes to practical learning like using it in your life, we might only use 50% of what we learnt. Concepts like: Commercial math, Basic calculations, time, etc.

And now we’ve come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Feel free to check any other blogs I’ve posted and if you want to support this blog(Not forcing you to, it’s your choice:) ), make sure you like, Leave a comment (don’t be hurtful), and follow me if you want more content like this! Until then… Bye!

2 thoughts on “Random Thursdays: Top 3 subjects that I like(they are acceptable ok)

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    1. Oh really, I didn’t know! I mean all subjects have their downside based on if we like it or not but we have to study all of them for the sake of I have no clue, hopefully we will get to choose our subjects soon!

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