Random Thursdays: Sonnets I wrote when I was younger

I remember when I was 11(2 years ago, but ok), I had an assignment to make sonnets for my English HW and I sadly flunked it. So what I did , I felt so ashamed to a point where I ended up writing 3 sonnets of my own to repay the teacher, and thankfully my teacher loved them. In this blog, I’ll be sharing 2 of them which I think is the most decent (excuse the weird grammar I used in 6th grade).

Are you alright?

Seeing her all worried and scared,

Shouting and crying all alone,

My friend came to see her but she just flared(is this a word?),

Even I came running and called on her phone,

When I see her in class, she tends to ignore me,

I go to my friends and talk with concerns,

She acts like a little bird that cannot be set free,

And I thought to myself, in a land of ferns,

‘Did I do something wrong?’,

Going to her house with curiosity,

Her house was far and long,

I see her with a frown face, sipping a cup with tea,

I said to her with fright,

Are you alright?

Sunshine in my heart

Whatever that comes my way,

I come back like a boomerang,

I don’t care what people say,

I ignore and go on with my amazing day,

I’m always and happy and fun

I always love being me,

I’m always active and ready to run,

I like talking with my friends and shout with glee,

I love challenges and games to play,

I go to the park and have flowers all over my hair,

Don’t cheat in a game! we’ll do a replay,

We’ll add more rules to make it fair,

I always feel happy to play a part,

When there is sunshine in my heart!

And now we’ve come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Feel free to check any other blogs I’ve posted and if you want to support this blog(Not forcing you to, it’s your choice:) ), make sure you like, Leave a comment (don’t be hurtful), and follow me if you want more content like this! Until then… Bye!

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