Rae’s Freakish Memes: Relatable edition

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Now when it comes to being relatable, there are a LOT of things to keep in mind. But while scrolling on to Pinterest and Reddit, I found a lot that I could relate to so I’m gonna share them, let’s get into it!

This struck me a lot. Even when writing this, I hear myself reading it in my head and I’m like “wait, I have a little voice in my head”.

You know, every time my parents leave for shopping and the house has no one but me, I start to feel more free to do stuff like eat a lot of snacks, play some music and just feel chill.

It’s very rare that I talk in class because I tend to feel like I’m put on the spotlight but I do talk unless I ABSOLUTELY need to. But when there’s that time where I’m confident, there always has to be some moment where another person gets picked and I just feel very taken aback.

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This has happened a lot on online classes and at this point, I’m speed-running everything. But one thing I’m thankful for, is that they send it after class.

And that’s what procrastination does to you.

When I write my essays, I tend to add some very complex words to give my writing a little bit of “professionalism” into it. That’s why synonyms are helpful.

this happened to me two days ago when i was at my boyfriends house and his dad crouched down next to me, (cause he's really tall and i'm super short) and made me repeat myself three times before he heard me.

I do know some people who always try not to be a burden as a guest. I also do that but since I’m trying to be more social, I only for ask for few things if they really want to serve something.

OMG. This is so true. This practically summed up my entire life. Everything is dead on.

I feel like when I was younger, I was pretty shy to talk to anybody. I am kind of like that now but I slowly open up.

This has happened once in my life but I’m thankful no one heard it. It’s kind of weird but it happens not only during exams, it can happen anywhere.

And that’s all for today Hope you enjoyed this post and until then…bye!

P.S Ever thought of making a blogging community on messaging platforms like discord or G-chat?

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