I’m back! + Some random updates about stuff

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Hey y’all, so I ‘ve been having some exams and they’re finally over but I was still alive in wordpress replying to your comments and talking with you peeps. In this blog, I’ll just talk about what’s going on my life and future blog stuff, let’s get into it!

So I’ve been having my exams for a month, lemme tell you I suffered. There were a lot of exams where my brain was literally dying but I did my best. A lot of my friends helped me out on studying in discord so I can survive (thx yall) and it did help me. I’m trying to rest for somewhile because of stress and just my eyes are straining a lot so I’m taking care. I have in-person school happening soon so I might be unavailable sometimes so I’ll do my best to write out some posts here and there.

I also got sick! On monday, this week, I had fell and my stomach really wasn’t having it and I ended up throwing up a lot and having constant pain. For the first 2 days, it was horrible. But, in the 3rd day it settled and I was able to eat properly and move a lot. The last 2 todays were much better I felt like I had recovered but I still had to take care. Right now, I do feel better, but I’m aiming for full recovery.

About my blog, I’m glad all of you guys loved the 2 series I did by giving out a comment and liking my posts, it means a lot<3 But I have question for you guys, which one, out of the 2, did you like the most? maybe I can bring it back for november! I’m really trying to figure what to do for upcoming ideas and interesting posts so let me know!

I made a poll (you may not see it but try visiting the site to see the poll) and I have a small form (you can do it if you want to!)

Form: The Rae-rae’s blogs reader form!

For november posts, I’m thinking of doing photography and moodboard posts! And also I can make posts which can include you guys! At the moment, I’m thinking of interviews, your opinions on various topics and maybe “my blog friends choose what I do for a week”, it’s been done by Shiny787 and I was pretty interested on trying it out but it kind of depends on the blog friends I have because I’m not in contact with a lot of bloggers, but if y’all are interested in this idea and want me to do it you can hop onto my contact page to type out what you want me to try out for a dayπŸ’œ

You might also notice the purple-y site! I tried to change it a bit and I don’t really like it as much so I was just having a design crisis (help) But now it’s somewhat in control and I’m kinda liking it!

And thank y’all so much for 90+ follows(95 follows on wordpress and 2 on email) and 2,000+ views! I never know my following will spike and I’m happy all of you blessed me with a follow, we have a lot of besties❀, now we are on a road to 100! let’s see if we can reach it but still it means a lot to me and I’ll do my best to bring out more good content in the future!

My pinterest, I have been posting some pins here and there. I’ve done a lot of K-pop pins and aesthetic stuff and I’m glad my audience is slowly growing, but no one saves my pins but atleast they’re seeing it so that’s good!

My pinterest: Pinterest – Rae

My pinterest pins for this month (you can save them if you want to)

I also made a carrd: My Carrd

This is my playlist that I had for october!

And that’s pretty much it from me! I have some tags and awards to do and the post has been scheduled before hand so y’all can look out for a post tommorow!

35 thoughts on “I’m back! + Some random updates about stuff

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  1. Waoh 96 followers!!! Thats awesome! My exams just finished too…tis like waking up from a nightmare bahaha.
    Glad your no longer sick!
    Im sure you will be at 100 followers in no time!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes! It’s seriously not very fun at all! I have had a lot of difficulties doing my exams because of my sickness so I have some doubts about but I’m hoping I did fine on others!

      Liked by 1 person

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