Aesthetic Moodboards! Post #1 – Seasons

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So I’m starting a new short post series! Since I have in-person school and I have some free time, I’ll be making some posts here and there so that I don’t wear myself out. Today’s topics are seasons! now let’s get into the moodboards I made…

Fall and autumn (a mix)!

I tried my best to think of the aesthetics for fall and autumn: pumpkins, dried leaves, pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin scented candles!


For winter, it took me some time to figure out what can come under the seasons so these are what I found out: Snow, warm lattes, gloves, sweaters and hot chocolate with marshmallows!


Summer was a lot of fun, here’s what I thought about summer’s aesthetic: Sunglasses, going to the pool, juice, some ferns, the beach and sunflowers!

And that’s all from me! this are just small posts I’ll be doing for each week just to create some fun moodboards! The moodboards will uploaded to my pinterest in which you can save it if you want to!

Until then…bye!

22 thoughts on “Aesthetic Moodboards! Post #1 – Seasons

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  1. Winter is fun, but I like fall more. I love the colours of the leaves. But snow everywhere looks so nice.
    And Summer, it’s so nice. But fall gives me an excuse to wear floppy hoodies.

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