Fiction Me ft. Rae @ Rae-raes blog (A re-blog)

Hey y’all! Just wanted to go on here to say that I participated in a series with Rudrani @ Roaring stories! It’s called fiction me, in which she interviews about things fiction related! You can check out whenever you want to! And that’s all from me, see y’all later!

Roaring For Stories

Heyo owlies, how have you all been?

Today I found myself sitting alone getting way too bored, so I decided why not start up with the series ‘Fiction Me’, even though I didn’t receive much responses (only 2) so what am gonna do is post both of these responses in the next few days and then create a tag out of this series.

For those who don’t know what this series is about click here to view the post which explains more about this.

Today we’ll be going through the answers of Rachel from rae-rae’s blog. With that been said let’s get going.

Questions and Rae’s Answers to them:

R- I’m a huge K-pop lover and love trying new stuff. My favorite Genre would be comedy, my dad recently wanted me to read James Herriot books so I’m just looking into that.

B- Oh, thats great.Am a huge Kpop fan…

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