My School Goals, because my new semester has started!

Hey y’all, I know that my weekly posting is kind of low (because I have no time whatsoever), I decided to make a post dedicated towards my studies. So I have 2 semesters per school year, and we have mid term exams for the semesters. The 1st one it was kind of mixed with horrible marks and decent marks, and I REALLY REALLY have to improve. In this post, I will be listing out the goals I have for each subject, let’s get into it!

  • Math:
    • Work on understanding word problems.
    • Keep practicing math problems everyday.
    • Always get a head start on your chapters so you can understand them well.
  • FLE (First Language English):
    • Focus on analysing the text and writing a description.
    • Be more creative and clear with your writing.
  • Science
    • Spend time reading your textbook and start to mug up what you learnt.
  • Computer Science
    • Always revise the textbook and use you computer for practicals.
  • Geography
    • Take more notes and learn to analyse graphs and be able to describe it.
    • Have more understanding learning about countries.
  • History
    • Read the chapters 4-5 times so you can understand it.
    • Write better in answering higher mark questions.
    • Always be clear in your explanation when writing.
  • Language
    • Learn new words each day.
    • Practice on making sentences and paragraphs.
    • Practice on reading and speaking.
    • Have more fluency.
  • My most common goals which includes all subjects:
    • Always pay attention in class.
    • Participate in class discussions.
    • Ask doubts when you need to and get it cleared.
    • Don’t get distracted.
    • Always use your books and take notes.

Well, that’s pretty much! I honestly do have a lot to work on, and I’m hoping for the best!

Little life updates: I actually have started to go to in-person school! It has been some days and honestly it wasn’t that bad as I intended it to be. It was pretty chill and it was great to meet some of my friends and teachers. I’ve also been pretty active on discord sometimes, I even have a server which is cafe themed and it’s a bit active (only when you start a conversation).

And that’s all for today, see y’all in the next post!


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