Rae’s freakish memes: Funny+Relatable edition

Since some of you guys loved this series, I’m bringing it back! This time, it’s just a bunch of funny ones. They’re a mix! they are small sayings and relatable stuff that I found funny and my inputs on each memes (typing commentary, is that what it’s called?), I hope you enjoy them!

This got me laughing a lot! I mean that goes for all babies, when we end up sleeping, you’ll always wake up in a random spot! Parents always have to take care of their kids and at the same time buy groceries, why not do both?

I- Well that seems rough.

Anytime you do something that is considered to help you, you always have that good feeling that your taking care of yourself. This is me anytime I eat fruits, I feel good that it’s good for me and I don’t have any uncanny feeling doing it.

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This is the one thing that always sticks to my head when I am in meetings. “Is my camera/mic on or off” or “I really hope my camera/mic is off so people won’t know what I’m doing”, it’s always just thoughts in my head.

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Well it’s kind of rare this happens but it’s still feels good to know someone’s listening eventhough there is a lotta people talking.

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WELP, I have done this multiple times. It’s mostly because I don’t want to because my mom forces me to, but at some point I have to. And after ignoring on the clothes situation, I finally wanted to take time to do it and OH MY GOD was there a huge pile! The washed clothes which I had to fold, PLEASE, there was no room to sleep in my bed just because of the amount clothes I had to fold. I don’t wanna go back to that time at all.

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Honestly, this is very true for me. When it comes to me wanting to start a schedule and keeping goals for myself, 30 seconds later I don’t even care. I’m trying so hard to have a willpower to actually do things. It was a case for my blog too, just because I had no time whatsoever to actually post, so I have been finishing it at like 11 in the night and then schedule it.

That would be nice honestly, without thinking about the fact that your parents might think you’re going through a coma.

School shopping has got to be one of the most fun experiences for me. Like you really feel good seeing the new pens, notebooks, and highlighters.

And that’s all for today! See y’all in the next post~!


19 thoughts on “Rae’s freakish memes: Funny+Relatable edition

    1. Lol, welp the whole point of it, but I’m glad you could relate!
      No problem! it’s honestly fun going on pinterest and seeing twitter memes,
      Ahh I’ll make more soon!


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