November Wrap-up! +Updates and my first blogmas!

Hey everybody! Today, I will be doing a wrap up of my posts this whole month and some life updates so you can get to know what I’m up to!

Here are all my posts!

Aesthetic Moodboards! Post #1 – Seasons

Thank you so much for 100 followers!

Thank you so much for 100 followers!: The Q&A

Aesthetic Moodboards – Post #2 : Colors!

Fiction Me ft. Rae @ Rae-raes blog (A re-blog)

My School Goals, because my new semester has started!

Rae’s freakish memes: Funny+Relatable edition

Aesthetic Moodboards: Post #3 – Vibes

Honestly 7 (excluding the re-blog) posts aren’t too bad, It’s just that I never had time to make a lot more because of school and the rains. For Aesthetic Moodboards, since it was my first take on making some, I would say it looks pretty good and you guys gave a lot of positive comments about them!

I really want to do more of the memes posts so I can share what I enjoy and to talk with y’all about them! So if you want more of that, you can tell me in the comments!

Life updates!

I started my new semester! I already made a post about it and I have been trying to study more and actually meet my goals! Math has got to be one of my struggles, and I’ve received an email about my performance in the subject, yea no the teacher was concerned. My parents had a meeting with her and surprisingly, she said pretty nice things about me and gave reference websites I could use, she went as far as to telling she can offer extra classes for me to ask doubts! I really don’t want to let her down, so I’m going to do my very best!

OH WHY, I got sick again. Just yesterday, I ended up having an indigestion and threw up 4 times to a point where my throat was aching. I slept for some while and felt quite better and have been taking bland and hot food. Right now, I’m pretty much fine and have some discomfort on my back and throat, so I’m aiming for full recovery.

My blog goals!

  • Reach to 120+ followers
  • Write more posts in my free time
  • Connect with more bloggers (I’m trying so hard to break out of my shell)
  • Collabs (I’ve only done it once, ;-;)

I guess that’s pretty much it.

My personal goals!

  • Study well!
  • Clean your room
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Read some books

Well, I have a lot of work to do!

My playlist! although it hasn’t changed

My pins of the month have mostly been re-uploads of the moodboard post so you can check them out here!

Now my big announcement……I will be beginning my first blogmas! I will be sharing my favorite stuff about Christmas and some other fun stuff! I will be calling it “The Chill Post”, I am also open to guest posts, Collabs, so if you’re interested you can let me know! I have also designed a poster for it!

Do y’all like the poster? Let me know what you think!

And that’s all for the day, I will be working on all the post ideas and to make my blogmas creative! Until then… Bye!

31 thoughts on “November Wrap-up! +Updates and my first blogmas!

Add yours

  1. Ahhh bland and hot food, I feel for you😭
    But I hope you get better soooon and get to dancing around💕😂
    And I reallly realllyy hope you get 120+ followers, can’t wait for your big achievment and also Blogmas….the poster looks really pretty! I’ll drop a message if I get time for a collab! Would love to do it sometime💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. T_T It sucks man, Ahh yes! I am back on my feet, in some hours I’ll be going to in-person school, welp.
      Ahh thanks! I’m hoping so, thanks again, oh sure! Only if you want to, or if you want to connect any other way just to talk, you can let me know!<33

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Uhh I am not on discord bc my mum still hasn’t allowed me to🥲
        But I use Google Chat, Whatsapp (thats for sure😂), Pinterest sometimes but just to send pins to my friends and also Telegram, but even thats for watching movies and TV shows that are not available on OTT😂

        Liked by 1 person

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