The Chill Post!: Post #2 – Introducing my Merch Store!

I finally released my own merch! Although it’s kind of simple, I wanted to experiment with the online tools I have to make some fun stuff!

It’s a bunch of templates for special occasions, Patches/Stickers based on special occasions, random sayings and quotes ,10 day challenges and most importantly, planners for 2022! They are all made from Canva and PowerPoint!

Let me explain each of the printables!:

Festivals/Special occasion templates: I have made totally of 4 (because this is my first time), and they can be used for parties, invitations and cards!

Patches/Stickers: These can be used to send to friends and family! Most of what I made are for festivals and special occasions, but I’ve also made some as quotes and random sayings!

10 Day Challenges!: These are mostly related mental and physical health! I made of a total of 2! You can do these during your free time and even vacation!

Planners: This is probably the only merch I’ve worked on for a LONG time, I’ve made a total 3 planners, one for your daily, studying and a food planner. The daily planner has some difference in fonts between the PDF and PPT because I have been switching laptops, so you can change it in any other font you want for the PPT version. You can use it to keep up with everyday life and setting goals for each week/month!

You can find the page here!

Although they aren’t the best, I still tried it out!

And also little update for the “A Holly Jolly Christmas Tag”: Please do to tell your readers to link back to the original post so I can see their answers as well, if you have already done the tag, you can ignore this.

And that’s all I want to share for today! Please do give your inputs on what I made and put your reviews on the feedback button on my site or share it in the comments!

See y’all in the next post! Until then…bye!

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