The Chill Post!: Post #5 – Some of my christmas traditions + Some christmas moodboards!

Hey y’all, I know I’ve been quite inconsistent with posts because I am actually travelling, I will be back to my home by tomorrow night and I will do my best to put out more posts for blogmas, 4 days till christmas , cant wait!

Christmas has always been one of my favorite celebrations! The first thing I would start with is decorations! I would pull out the tree and take all my ornaments and hang on the tree. bells, balls, presents, stars, streamers, you name it! I always had a small tree but this time, I got a 6 feet one. I also put up wreaths in all of the doors in the house, hang up lights and make the whole place merry! Next comes the diaries, calendars and devotionals buying for the upcoming year! There would always be a fair or an expo where my family goes to buy all the things for the upcoming year and it’s so fun to see new books and diaries, it’s always motivating for me. And last but not the least going for church services and spending time with family, it’s always fun meeting people and talking with them and taking time off to sit with family.

So here are the moodboards I made!


Some christmas extras!

And that’s all for today! Before you go, I’m planning to a “end of the year assumptions about me!” so feel free to leave your assumptions in the comments! see y’all in the next post, until then…bye!


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