The Chill Post!: Post #7 – Happy New Year!+my resolutions!

Hello everybody! Happy New year <3333! 2021 was pretty much of an interesting year for me, but blogging definitely made me so interested in it! I have some resolutions I wanna share with y’all,

  1. To reduce distractions while doing any tasks.
  2. Reduce screentime and to take care of my health.
  3. To make a proper schedule,
  4. Do more exercising and be active.
  5. To spend more time reading books and going for walks.
  6. And finally to change my habits!

I’m really trying my hardest to change because I really don’t want to fall in my old habits, I’m willing to let go of it and change!

I also want to let y’all know that I’m taking a break from writing! I have a lot of exams and studying to do for some months so I will be offline for some time. I will be back soon with more post ideas and hopefully more productive!

And that’s all for this short post! I hope y’all enjoyed this post and once again Happy New Year! See y’all next time, until then..bye!


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