My goals for the new school year!

Hello! Well. it’s been some time since that last post so I decided to talk about going back to school! Although I miss having a break to work on few skills and also relaxing, we’re going back to learning which really does hit me.

When it comes to studies, I know many people including myself struggle with tackling subjects and doing well, adding in parent pressure and also to stay laser-focus onto studies. Things are going to get harder by each grade and that’s when I realized, change is needed. I can’t always have fun and lack in my studies and I have been trying to retrieve the skill of productivity and focus often. There are a lot of benefits in terms of changing your time-draining habits and learning to be more productive. So, here are my goals and also noting down areas for improvement. Hope you can learn from how I planned it!


Talking to your fellow teachers and peers will not only help in boosting your social skills, but also create a bond with them.

For peers, they can not only depend you, but also connect with you and feel comfortable when they’re with you. Try to be more open with your classmates and create strong and friendly relationships.

For teachers, don’t ever keep your doubts and questions to yourself, it’s always better to discuss with your teacher. Having your doubts cleared can also benefit you in studying better and can also bring an impression to your teacher because of how eager you are to learn.

This is something I really want to work on, opening up and talking with people in my school. I always wanted to be a people person, especially in my school, because in that way I can get a good reputation about myself and also receive many opportunities.

Areas for improvement : Talking to peers and teachers in school, making new friends and socializing, clearing doubts with teachers and show a good impression.

From all my posts of productivity methods and time management, I can definitely say that it’s time for me to use it effectively! Since time is precious and it should be used wisely, the methods can really help me sort out fun time and study time.

I always tend to get distracted and sometimes do things at the last minute just because I was too lazy to do it before, and that’s not good. Doing things at the right time and making time to do even more tasks can not only get me in a working and focused mood, I can get a lot of things done. From doing house tasks to revising concepts, being able to make my day the most productive is really good. Of course, you shouldn’t wear out while doing so much so it’s better to take rest and make breaks!

Areas for improvement : Using different methods that is efficient for you to make your days more productive, having the willpower to stay focused, time management to balance fun and study time.

In terms of studying, it’s important to note down what you learnt and categorize it in a way that it’s useful for revision. I have made a few posts about note-taking methods and I’m starting to use them! Having your notes categorized and clear for you to revise it in the future can help for preparing for tests and exams. Using study methods to balance out your study time and decide what subjects you want to work on can help in completing revision for each subject.

Areas for improvement : Using study and note-taking methods more effectively throughout your study time, categorizing points and making it easier to understand to revise.

And that comes to the end of this blog, even though the goals are a small amount, I would say it covers a majority of things I need to work on throughout the school year. I hope you guys could take a bit of tips if you do attend any educational institute like school, college, university, etc. I also hope you enjoyed this post. I will come back with more posts since I feel that I have more ideas and am also planning to revamp my site a bit, until then, bye!


3 thoughts on “My goals for the new school year!

  1. good luck for the new school year! I know you’ll be working very hard to achieve these goals, and good job for setting them! having goals really helps, especially when you go over them a lot! xx💕

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