Ever After High: The little sister of Monster High but had more of interesting twist – A weird analysis

In today’s blog about weird analyses on cartoons, I got for you one of the best cartoons for you guys to check out, it’s Ever After High. By the name of the series, it’s pretty similar to Monster High right? well, Mattel decided to make a fairytale version of the show for kids and most of the characters were inspired by popular stories like Disney’s films, Alice and the wonderland and more! , so not that much of originality but they executed surprisingly good.

In my analysis, I’ll be explaining what it is, the characters, what the plot of the whole series is, what happened to it and my overall conclusion of the series, let’s get into it!

What’s it about?: Ever After High is a fashion doll franchise released by Mattel in July of 2013. It had over 5 seasons, few movies, and a lot of dolls but stopped manufacturing dolls and producing the series in 2016. Mattel did confirm that they will stop manufacturing the brand which upsetted a lot of people(including me).

Plot: Just like Monster High, the fairytale characters started to have children to attend the high school, Ever After High. But basically each one of the characters have to sign a book in which they have to relive their parents lives. There are 2 types of groups studying in the school, Rebels, who are the villains and have to relive their parents life as a criminal, and Royals, who are part of royal heritage and gets happy endings. The main character Raven Queen( Daughter of the evil queen in snow white) rebels against signing the book because she knows she’s going to suffer for the rest of her life and she doesn’t want to be bad. Apple White(Daughter of Snow White) and the rest of the Royals get upset over it since they can’t relive their parents’ past and they might cease to exist because of her decision. And the story develops in other seasons, but you get the point.

Characters – Royals and Rebels (prepare to be overwhelmed with the names):

  • Royals:
    • Apple White (Daughter of Snow White)
    • Alistair Wonderland (Son of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
    • Ashlynn Ella (Daughter of Cinderella)
    • Blondi Lockes (Daughter of Goldilocks)
    • Briar Beauty (Daughter of Aurora)
    • Bunny Blanc (Daughter of the White Rabbit in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
    • Dexter Charming (Son of King Charming)
    • Duchess Swan (Daughter of the Swan Queen of Swan Lake)
    • Faybelle Thorn (Daughter of the Dark Fairy from Sleeping Beauty)
    • Lizzie Hearts (Daughter of Queen of Hearts)
    • Justine Dancer (Daughter of The 12th Dancing Princess)
    • Meeshell Mermaid (Daughter of The Little Mermaid)
    • Farrah Goodfairy (Daughter of the fairy godmother from Cinderella)
  • Rebels:
    • Raven Queen (Daughter of the Evil Queen)
    • C.A Cupid (Adopted daughter of Eros: God of Love from Mount Olympus)
    • Cedar Wood (Daughter of Pinocchio)
    • Cerise Hood (Daughter of Red Riding Hood)
    • Darling Charming (Daughter of King Charming and the sister to Dexter and Daring Charming)
    • Ginger Breadhouse (Daughter of the Candy Witch from Hansel and Gretel)
    • Hunter Huntsman (Son of the Huntsman from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Little Red Riding Hood)
    • Kitty Cheshire (Daughter of the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
    • Madeline Hatter (Daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
    • Poppy O’Hair (Daughter of Rapunzel and the twin sister of Holly O’Hair)
    • Rosebella Beauty (Daughter of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast and Briar’s cousin)
    • Courtly Jester (Daughter of the Joker card from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
    • Nina Thumbell (Daughter of Thumbelina)
    • Melody Piper (Daughter of the Pied Piper of Hamelin)

Content: Ever After high has the same format as Monster High, webisodes that are uploaded on their YouTube channel and few movies, but I’ll get into that. The overall animation and story is actually pretty good. The designs of the characters have a lot of interesting quirks not necessarily similar to their parents but they have their own unique personality. Let’s take Briar Beauty for example, she is the daughter of Aurora, sleeping beauty and she’s mostly known for being bubbly, easy to talk to and more of a party girl. I ended up watching chapter 1, to get an overview of the whole buzz about the series, and honestly I loved it. Choosing over Royals and Rebels, I’m all Rebel. What are you?

Okay, about the movies, it’s…okay. It does have the same animation of the show but they just have a lot adventures and a lot of other stuff. Some of the movies are pretty good though. The movie I watched was throne coming. Here is the link – Ever After High | Thronecoming

Their Books were mostly surrounding the same quirks as the series but the one thing I like about them was the book covers and how much care was put onto these books, based on reviews and looking at pictures, it looks so aesthetic and pretty.

Ever since Monster High was growing to be one of the most successful franchises at the time, Ever After High had more of a boost into mainstream. They made dolls on the characters and sold them and they did fairly well, but there was a problem because of the license agreement between Mattel and Disney for the rights of the show’s use of Disney characters( I have mentioned this in my other cartoon analysis blog).

What Happened to Ever After High?: After a while of producing the show and manufacturing dolls, Disney decided to destroy Ever After High’s reputation by creating their series called “Disney’s Descendants”. If you have heard of Descendants, you would probably be like “Hey, Ever After High sounds awfully similar to Descendants”, but that isn’t the case. Descendants ripped off Ever After High and of course it blew up, Disney’s a entertainment company GIANT! they milked every merchandise out of the franchise, a TV show, books, even dolls! they were also sold right next to Ever After High. Mattel decided to stop producing one year after Descendants was released.

My Overall Conclusion: The show is actually pretty good! the animations, how each episode was executed, it was a masterpiece and I really wish for it to come back but sadly it’s not coming back. The only thing that Mattel is doing with Ever After High is just reuploading episodes and putting some emoticons in the titles to maintain some sort of revenue with views.

Here are the seasons( 1-4, there is season 5 but it’s in Netflix) if you want to watch the series:

Monster High: The ghouliest franchise in the world of cartoons – A weird analysis

Since it’s October! and I wanted to bring out some spooky content for Y’all! so I thought of pulling something out of my brain and I really wanted try making analysis on cartoons, as you can see in the gonna be about Monster High, a franchise that started in 2010 and was by Mattel, who made the infamous Barbie doll.

In my analysis, I’ll be talking about some things about what the series is, few controversies surrounding the franchise, and what is upcoming. Since it’s spooky season, grab you favorite drink, search up a chill/spooky playlist, and let’s get into it!

The Theme song, lowkey going through nostalgia right now

What’s it about: This series was released in July 2010, so it has been going on for a good amount of time, they used the series to promote Monster high dolls, few movies and normal merchandise.


The series doesn’t actually have a plot. It’s basically traditional spooky characters grew up and had children which go to the high school, Monster High. There are a lot of characters, so to name a few:

  • Frankie Stein
  • Clawdeen wolf
  • Draculaura
  • Cleo De Nile
  • Lagoona Blue
  • Deuce Gorgon
  • Ghoulia Yelps
  • Abbey Bominable
  • Spectra Vondergeist
  • Toralei Stripe
  • Operetta Phantom
  • Jackson Jekyll

Content: It had standalone episodes with a short story which lasted a few minutes, in the later seasons which had some episodes but went back to standalone episodes. It had basic short stories, fun voiceovers and can be quite engaging for younger audiences, in which Mattel targeted the product to, but there were other fans of other ages too so it brought a lot of attention.

When the series first started, the episodes had a decent quality based on what I’ve watched. Since it’s free episodes and were uploaded to their YouTube channel, the animation was… interesting. According to me, the series wasn’t that engaging, but it was quite refreshing to discover the series after a long time. What I mostly enjoyed about the series was the looks of the series, such as the school premise and the characters’ bold design and personalities and how they were able to trace their parents’ overall concept into their daughters and sons.

They have made few movies which were a little better, they went for 3D animation, which was out of the blue, and the storyline mostly talked about high school drama, dating and friendship. I did manage to watch one of the movies, it was Monster High: Welcome to Monster High. Since it was a reboot, it was quite decent, it had an interesting plot, the animations are good, I mean I’m 13 I still enjoyed it, I don’t know about other people but this is just my overlook of the movie. It has been uploaded to YouTube so you can check it out.

How did it get so popular?: Since in the early 2000s, the sub-genre of “Series that surrounds over a high school” was quite popular in pop culture at the time, and since Monster high came at the right time, it was easy for it to get attention and made a lot of money for Mattel, so it was pretty much of “big brain” move. Since it was a mix of traditional monster characters and fashion(mostly surrounding goth and emo) made it appealing especially for a doll line.

See the source image

Achievements: Monster High became a huge franchise in the early years and made the company over 2 Billion dollars(with a B) a year, which was crazy. They started to climb up Mattel’s profit rises and grows up to be No.2 in the doll category, within 3 years of it’s release. Although Barbie is still No.1, Monster High was catching up. There other companies trying to compete with Mattel by creating their own monster dolls but sadly failed.

Few controversies/issues with the franchise: But there was a problem, it was said in 2016, that Mattel lost the license to manufacture Disney toys which was then given to Hasbro, so a lot of revenue got lost. Mattel worked with Disney on dolls related to Disney princesses so there is a lot of connection between he corporations. So, they did a reboot for the Monster High dolls, given that it was a bold and daring brand, but for no apparent reason, they decided to make a new look for the dolls and make a lot of changes, but it never settled with fans.

One of the reasons why the reboot wasn’t that good, was because of the parents. They had an issue with them wearing skimpy clothing and fish nets which were kind of a trend, and how “scary” and “inappropriate” they were. They were also skinny, which has been quite of a controversy way back when Mattel made Barbie and dolls in general, basically about how it can affect a girl’s self-esteem and what they define as “pretty” and has been going on as a heated argument, which I am not going to get into in this blog. I mean, I have no say in this because they have their own reasoning towards the problem.

So Mattel decided to make the dolls smile, have bigger eyes to make them look child like, which really didn’t sit with a lot of fans. There was a loss of creativity and style of the dolls which really made a lot of fans upset, mostly because the public is so used to the OG Dolls which were scary but cool and had good articulation which made it a OOAK(One Of A Kind) doll, and really showed a lot of boldness to the brand.

What is happening with Monster High?: Since the world is changing, the core audience(well, kids) were growing up but the episodes and movies weren’t growing with them, y’know what I mean? it’s basically getting old and dated. As more trends start to pop up, the later seasons/volumes weren’t that interesting or captured my attention. If you ask me, I mostly enjoyed season 2 and 3. It’s really sad that such a unique idea would start to dwindle away because of trends and time, but I guess that’s how world works. Well they aren’t gone, they are actually coming back!

There have been updates in Monster High’s Instagram with with a teaser image for their return in 2021-2022, and they have been posting a lot about well Fanarts, wallpapers and cosplay and most importantly about the dolls. They made an FAQ in which the explained what is upcoming and what they are planning. You can check out Monster High’s Socials to find out more info. In Friday the 13th(August 13th), they released 2 dolls, Lydia and Beetlejuice(Oh my-), and showed various teaser pictures and the dolls sold out within 2 days.

My overall conclusion: Monster High overall is pretty much been in the middle for me. I never liked them because of their dolls, but I mostly paid attention to the content. When I was younger, my mom showed me the theme song and I loved it, I did watch few episodes but I never understood them. I liked the overall theme of the series, it’s quite creative, can’t say the same about the episodes, but it’s something. It does have a good message for girls to be yourself and be unique which makes the franchise more of a role model.

Here are the links to Season 1-6(there are others but I can’t find them) for you guys to watch if you want to:

My Sign off!

Sources used :

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