It’s my birthday Y’all!

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing?!

As you see by the title, it’s my birthday today! Well not just mine, I know a lot of people who I share my birthday with me(if you are one of them, happy birthday to you!). In this blog, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been up to lately and how my day went, let’s get into it!

I have been doing a lot of things lately, so here are few announcements!

#1 I have been having tests lately and I have a lot of exams coming up later on( I’m pretty much gonna die), so I might write blogs beforehand so you guys can still check out my blog.

#2 I have been working on some merch lately, obviously with a budget of PowerPoint, Word and canva (it’s kind of basic) and they are free printables, it’s gonna be quite similar to the blogs I write so stay tuned for that!😉

#3 I have reached a milestone of having 500+ views on my blog! I’m very thankful for the people seeing my blog and I promise to make a lot more content in the future!

And now we move to how my day went:

I woke up and I did my normal routine and I open my socials and see a bunch of wishes from friends and family, I was happy that people remembered and wished me, and I was getting ready with my day. We had to drive to go get my cake and it took us few hours to get back.

Since I am going to be celebrating it in the afternoon, I had to dress up as soon as I cambe . So I went for birthday shopping for clothes and decorations a week ago and I bought a lot of stuff. So my dress was: a short purple denim coat, a white shirt, and purple denim pants( I lowkey look like a janitor ).

The decorations aren’t that interesting but it was something. I bought 2 gold foil curtains which you can stick to walls and a rainbow “Happy Birthday” banner. They were okay, good enough for me.

Moving on to the food! My cake was made by a friend of my dad’s, and he had an Instagram page where he makes cakes. My mom and dad asked for a chocolate truffle drip cake and it was so good. It looked like this:

Y’all can check out his Instagram: Sam’s Bakefactory

Now we move on to the evening!

I had a call with my friends and we played some online party games for an hour or two. We started with “Gartic phone”, the way how it works is each player has to make a prompt(it can be funny) and then the people will be given one of the prompts( it will be random) and draw them, then we willl be given a drawing and we have give it a description and then we see the results. There are various modes but what I told is just the normal one.

Then we played some, it’s like online Pictionary. We each had a word that is given to us by the game and we have to draw it, the other people have to guess in the chat box, it was quite fun.

Finally, we decided to watch some SSSniperwolf and just talk. We watched videos for an hour or so, and we just talked for a while, and that’s pretty much it.

And now we’ve come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Feel free to check any other blogs I’ve posted and if you want to support this blog(Not forcing you to, it’s your choice:) ), make sure you like, Leave a comment (don’t be hurtful), and follow me, until then… Bye!

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