The ✨All about me✨ contest!

Thank you Betty for nominating for this contest and I’m so excited to do this!

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Here are the rules:

  1. Make a post in your blog, thank the person who nominated you and provide the link to post for this competition by that person and the blog of that person
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  4. Describe yourself in an creative way, you can write a poem, story, etc.
  5. Nominate a few more people or you want, you can keep it as an open contest!
  6. Have FUN!
  7. Please note: if you make your post before 1st September and link back to the original post, you have a chance to get a online medal and a certificate of participation for your name! If not, you can add the following image in your blog as a certificate!-

Here is my entry:

A short auto-biography of myself – My happy days and few drawbacks in my life…

So I was born in India in the year of 2008, so I’m at the ripe age of 12(soon to be 13 tomorrow). I still have a lot of memories back when I was a kid and also few things I’ve faced, so that’s what I’m gonna share!

Growing up, I was a bubbly kid. I loved singing, dancing, basically everything! But I was kind of a demon child when it came to my mother raising me. I was an adorable child with huge cheeks and hella baby fat. I was always bewildered by everything around me and I would just act like any normal baby. I kept growing each year and slowly I looked different each year. Looking back to my growth and now, oh wow.

 Even now, I still enjoy the small joys in life, whether it be getting a like on a post or just making a person’s day. I made friends along the way(even blogger ones) and I felt happy that people would actually want to talk to me, it felt good. I love talking with relatives I’m close to, mostly my grandparents. Since they have nothing to do and they are always having arguments sometimes, I would always go to their house or when I go for a walk, and talk with them with a cheerful attitude.

When it comes to how I am around people and by myself, I am a social introvert. Now, me being a social introvert is a whole new quality I never knew I had. I’m open to being social with people and making friends, in which people consider me as an extrovert, but that’s only a section on what I do. I mostly spend my time alone or I’m mostly comfortable with people I’m close with, I always tend to consider doing things by myself to reduce less social interaction, in that context you can say I’m an introvert. So I enjoy being social and at the same time enjoying my alone time.

Although I enjoyed doing many things, I had drawbacks on how I view myself, in more simpler terms, insecurity. When it comes to insecurities, we all have something that makes us feel uncomfortable about ourselves, physically or mentally. When I was younger and sometimes even now, I would sometimes think of myself as “ugly” because of my weight and acne, and ever since it hit me, I felt quite sad about it. That was until I watched various videos popping up on my feed about body positivity and being yourself and it really made me feel better. Since we have beauty standards in this world, it’s kind of sad that people my age or older/younger are mad at their own bodies because they keep comparing themselves, and it’s not healthy. I realized that and that’s when I started to validate myself as a person and basically loving myself.

And that’s pretty much it about what I wanted to share about myself, there’s a lot more but they’re quite personal so this is what I wanted to share!

This is the participating certificate make sure you put it once you’re done!

At the moment, I’m struggling to find nominees to nominate, but I really want to encourage you guys to participate as well! It’s pretty good, since you’re looking back on what makes you, you!

And that’s all for this blog, I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you guys in the next blog! Until then…Bye!

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