The Chill Post!: Post #3 – Decorating my house!

Hey y’all! for this short post, I’ll be sharing all the decorating I did with my family for my home! Let’s get into the pictures!

These are my curtain lights and my star! We started to wrap the white lights around the curtain and make it look pretty and we were trying to fix the star with the bulb and a nearby socket. Finally, it all worked out!

Ok this was HARD to put up. This tree is about 6 feet tall and has a lot of branches, and the branches have branches so we tried pull all of them down and place it properly. After putting all the decorations, I feel like it’s pretty good! it’s just that it’s very crowded but well it works.

Some filler decorations!

And some fun headbands and glasses!

And that’s all I wanna share for today! It is a short post, but I just give y’all an update on the stuff I’m doing for Christmas, see y’all in the next post, until then…bye!

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