Random Thursdays: My top 4 songs in my playlist

Hello! today I will be talking about my May playlist on Spotify. I enjoy K pop a lot so all the songs are from that genre . It is not necessarily from this year but it’s a mix of a lot of years. So, Let’s look into it!

Black mamba – aespa : The song was released on the 17th of November,2020. This is actually the debut song of the group. The song portrays their concept as AI. The name aespa, is a combination of “ae” composed of the English words of Avatar and Experience ,and the English word aspect meaning two sides, which means “meeting another self and experiencing the new world”. The members have a Virtual or a digital version of themselves from a digital world known as KWANGYA. The black mamba is said to be dangerous and is set to break the connection of the members to their virtual selves. The girls fight back to be with their ae-members.

My opinions on the song: Ever since it was released it started to grow on me. It has a lot of interesting vocal parts. My personal favorite was the bridge.

MAFIA In the morning – ITZY: The song was released on the 30th of April,2021. At first, when I listened it didn’t sound that great, but as I kept listening to it, it started to grow on me. The one thing I like about the song was the bridge. It was really smooth and the tone was really good. I decided to keep it in my playlist cuz I can’t stop listening to it.

Don’t call me – SHINee – The song was released on the 22th of May,2021. This song just screams BOP to me. As soon as I heard it, it instantly went into my playlist. The one thing I like about the song is the VOCALS and the instrumental.

On the ground – ROSÉ: The song was released on the 12th of March,2021. The song was a really meaningful song to me. The message, vocals, and instrumental was a blessing to hear.

And now we have come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed! until next time… Bye!

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