The Chill Post!: Post #7 – Happy New Year!+my resolutions!

Hello everybody! Happy New year <3333! 2021 was pretty much of an interesting year for me, but blogging definitely made me so interested in it! I have some resolutions I wanna share with y’all,

  1. To reduce distractions while doing any tasks.
  2. Reduce screentime and to take care of my health.
  3. To make a proper schedule,
  4. Do more exercising and be active.
  5. To spend more time reading books and going for walks.
  6. And finally to change my habits!

I’m really trying my hardest to change because I really don’t want to fall in my old habits, I’m willing to let go of it and change!

I also want to let y’all know that I’m taking a break from writing! I have a lot of exams and studying to do for some months so I will be offline for some time. I will be back soon with more post ideas and hopefully more productive!

And that’s all for this short post! I hope y’all enjoyed this post and once again Happy New Year! See y’all next time, until then..bye!

The Chill Post!: Post #6 – Merry Christmas!

Hey y’all, this post is kinda late because I was busy celebrating but Merry Christmas everybody! Here are some things I wanna share about my day,

So for Christmas, I attended online church services, played Christmas carols with my family and took pictures with the lights in my apartment! It was really fun spending with my family!

And that’s all for this short post! If you celebrate Christmas, how was your celebration like? Share it in the comments!

See y’all in the next post! Until then…bye!

The Chill Post!: Post #5 – Some of my christmas traditions + Some christmas moodboards!

Hey y’all, I know I’ve been quite inconsistent with posts because I am actually travelling, I will be back to my home by tomorrow night and I will do my best to put out more posts for blogmas, 4 days till christmas , cant wait!

Christmas has always been one of my favorite celebrations! The first thing I would start with is decorations! I would pull out the tree and take all my ornaments and hang on the tree. bells, balls, presents, stars, streamers, you name it! I always had a small tree but this time, I got a 6 feet one. I also put up wreaths in all of the doors in the house, hang up lights and make the whole place merry! Next comes the diaries, calendars and devotionals buying for the upcoming year! There would always be a fair or an expo where my family goes to buy all the things for the upcoming year and it’s so fun to see new books and diaries, it’s always motivating for me. And last but not the least going for church services and spending time with family, it’s always fun meeting people and talking with them and taking time off to sit with family.

So here are the moodboards I made!


Some christmas extras!

And that’s all for today! Before you go, I’m planning to a “end of the year assumptions about me!” so feel free to leave your assumptions in the comments! see y’all in the next post, until then…bye!

The Chill Post!: Post #4 – My Top-5 All-time favorite Christmas Songs!

Hey y’all, I’m back with a new post! (a lil late) This time, it’s about my Christmas playlist! Through the years of Christmas, Carols have to be one of the most fun things to do! And I have a couple of my favorite carols, let’s get into it!

Angels we have heard on high : Literally God-tier choir song, I remember singing this ever since I was 3. It has a mix of old english (because this song is very old), the lyrics are so beautiful!

Jingle bells rock: Jingle bells rock was one of my favorite songs singing in school, it’s full of joy and it’s catchy!

Hark the herald angels sing: This was one of my most memorable songs because I sang it in my church choir for a Christmas play! It was so nice to be one of the leads. This song is always upbringing and powerful which really brings a story to the song.

Feliz Navidad- Ahh one of my favorites, it really gets me in the mood for celebrating!

Mary did you know?- This is more on the perspective side and it makes so much sense! It has a lot of emotions and that, I feel is it’s strong point.

That’s all for today! Sorry for the late upload I’ll try to upload more for blogmas! Until then…Bye!

The Chill Post!: Post #3 – Decorating my house!

Hey y’all! for this short post, I’ll be sharing all the decorating I did with my family for my home! Let’s get into the pictures!

These are my curtain lights and my star! We started to wrap the white lights around the curtain and make it look pretty and we were trying to fix the star with the bulb and a nearby socket. Finally, it all worked out!

Ok this was HARD to put up. This tree is about 6 feet tall and has a lot of branches, and the branches have branches so we tried pull all of them down and place it properly. After putting all the decorations, I feel like it’s pretty good! it’s just that it’s very crowded but well it works.

Some filler decorations!

And some fun headbands and glasses!

And that’s all I wanna share for today! It is a short post, but I just give y’all an update on the stuff I’m doing for Christmas, see y’all in the next post, until then…bye!

The Chill Post!: Post #2 – Introducing my Merch Store!

I finally released my own merch! Although it’s kind of simple, I wanted to experiment with the online tools I have to make some fun stuff!

It’s a bunch of templates for special occasions, Patches/Stickers based on special occasions, random sayings and quotes ,10 day challenges and most importantly, planners for 2022! They are all made from Canva and PowerPoint!

Let me explain each of the printables!:

Festivals/Special occasion templates: I have made totally of 4 (because this is my first time), and they can be used for parties, invitations and cards!

Patches/Stickers: These can be used to send to friends and family! Most of what I made are for festivals and special occasions, but I’ve also made some as quotes and random sayings!

10 Day Challenges!: These are mostly related mental and physical health! I made of a total of 2! You can do these during your free time and even vacation!

Planners: This is probably the only merch I’ve worked on for a LONG time, I’ve made a total 3 planners, one for your daily, studying and a food planner. The daily planner has some difference in fonts between the PDF and PPT because I have been switching laptops, so you can change it in any other font you want for the PPT version. You can use it to keep up with everyday life and setting goals for each week/month!

You can find the page here!

Although they aren’t the best, I still tried it out!

And also little update for the “A Holly Jolly Christmas Tag”: Please do to tell your readers to link back to the original post so I can see their answers as well, if you have already done the tag, you can ignore this.

And that’s all I want to share for today! Please do give your inputs on what I made and put your reviews on the feedback button on my site or share it in the comments!

See y’all in the next post! Until then…bye!

The Chill Post!: Post #1- A Holly Jolly Icebreaker Tag!

Hey y’all! This is my first time making a tag! This is just a start of my blogmas in which I’ll be posting 1 or 2 times a week in a total of 6-10 posts. Now let’s get into this tag!

This tag is full of Christmas related questions! I will be giving about 10 questions and you can answer them. If you want to participate, All you need to do is link this post to your post and answer the questions! (please do tell you readers to link back to the original post!)

Let’s get into the questions! (I’ll be answering them too!)

1. What is the one thing you love about Christmas?

I love celebrating it with friends and family! It’s really amazing to connect with them, talk with them, and also play games with them!

2. What is one of your favorite experiences in Christmas?
It definitely has to be family baking every Christmas, it’s so fun! I remember making plum cakes with my parents and grandparents. I would soak all the dry fruits in orange juice, and keep it over night, and then make the batter in the morning and mix the dry fruits, and bake them! It would always taste amazing!

3. What is one of your favorite decorations to put up?

I love putting up the lights! I would hang it on the curtains of our huge window, and it would look so beautiful. I also had colored lights, which I put on the tree!

4. What is your favorite holiday food?

It’s cake! I absolutely love eating plum cakes, the dry fruits’ sweetness and the richness, yum!

5. Name some Christmas songs you know!

Hark the herald angels sing, Angels we have heard on high, Jingle bell Rock, Jingle bells, Carol of the bells, and a lot more!

6. All-time favorite Christmas movie?

The home alone series! It has always never failed to be entertaining, and it never gets old for me!

7. If you had to design your own Christmas sweater, what would you add?

I would love to make it pretty, with full of Christmas related patches, make it very thick for the cold, and sewed-in hand warmers stuck to the sweater that look like pockets!

8. How do you celebrate Christmas?

I usually go for carol services, maybe go to the mall, bake cakes and sing songs!

9. Let’s talk about family! How would you describe your family in a sentence?

They are loving, helpful, keen and and sometime scold me.

10. Bust out the aesthetics! Share some pictures that you have found for Christmas!

(all are from pinterest)

That’s all I got! (it’s in a collage so you can see it properly in the site!)

And that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post and please do participate, I would love to see your answers! Until then.. Bye!

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