Random Thursdays: Sonnets I wrote when I was younger

I remember when I was 11(2 years ago, but ok), I had an assignment to make sonnets for my English HW and I sadly flunked it. So what I did , I felt so ashamed to a point where I ended up writing 3 sonnets of my own to repay the teacher, and thankfully my teacher loved them. In this blog, I’ll be sharing 2 of them which I think is the most decent (excuse the weird grammar I used in 6th grade).

Are you alright?

Seeing her all worried and scared,

Shouting and crying all alone,

My friend came to see her but she just flared(is this a word?),

Even I came running and called on her phone,

When I see her in class, she tends to ignore me,

I go to my friends and talk with concerns,

She acts like a little bird that cannot be set free,

And I thought to myself, in a land of ferns,

‘Did I do something wrong?’,

Going to her house with curiosity,

Her house was far and long,

I see her with a frown face, sipping a cup with tea,

I said to her with fright,

Are you alright?

Sunshine in my heart

Whatever that comes my way,

I come back like a boomerang,

I don’t care what people say,

I ignore and go on with my amazing day,

I’m always and happy and fun

I always love being me,

I’m always active and ready to run,

I like talking with my friends and shout with glee,

I love challenges and games to play,

I go to the park and have flowers all over my hair,

Don’t cheat in a game! we’ll do a replay,

We’ll add more rules to make it fair,

I always feel happy to play a part,

When there is sunshine in my heart!

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Random Thursdays: The top-3 book series I enjoy reading when I was younger

I’m not a book person, but I tend to enjoy reading books on occasions. I loved reading a lot of series when I was probably 7-10 years old and I’m gonna share some with you guys. Keep in mind, some of the books I mentioned are very well known because that’s pretty much the only things I would read.

Before we going into the blog I have few stuff I want to share:

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Ok back to the blog!







  1. Geronimo and Thea Stilton series by Ellisabetta Dami

I’m pretty some of you guys know the series already. If you don’t know, Geronimo stilton and Thea stilton are both journalists and write about their adventures and encounters. I feel like half of my childhood was so intrigued by this series that it literally stuck to me for a long while. Since it was a popular series, a lot of people in my school loved them and we would always have them in our library. The one thing I liked about the series was the writing, it would never bore me. It was eye-catching and it helped me with my imagination growing up. I feel like that’s what made it quite popular and almost everybody I know read the books.

2. Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

Oh lord, why was this series present in my life? When I first saw the series, I wouldn’t care much about it, but since my friends were like soooooooo into it, I was like “you know what? let’s see what the buzz is about” and I read some books about it. The first one I read was this one,

See the source image

I mean 10 year old me liked the series, it was quirky and funny, easy for me to understand. After a year or so, I just lost interest. I had 4 books with me so I decided to give them to my friend(why did my 11 year old brain not decide to sell those books instead).

3. The Finder-outers by Enid Blyton

This was another mystery series from Enid Blyton which I enjoyed a lot. My Uncle bought me the whole set when I was I think 8(I lost some of them…heck) and I spent most of my time reading the series in my free time. It did have old English phrases and it was interesting to read them and figure out the language choices made by the author. It had interesting cases, characters and the description really made me feel like an actual detective.

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Random Thursdays: Top 3 subjects that I like(they are acceptable ok)

I’m not a studying type of person(I suck man), but there are some subjects which I’m kind of interested in and are somewhat acceptable. In this blog, I’ll be talking about the top 4 subjects that I like. Let’s get into it!

1. Computer Science: When it comes to doing codes and learning animation, I’m all ears. Since we are in the digital age, the help of programming and web development can help us in finding good opportunities in the future if we ever plan to be a programmer or a data scientist. Last year, I started learning the use HTML and CSS for web development and creating webpages which really fascinated me.

2. Science: Not necessarily a fan of, but I do enjoy it. Although we don’t use it much in actual real life situations(that is if you are choosing to be part of science and medical occupations) I still enjoy learning how the world works. I mostly enjoy learning Earth science which have much to do with trees and lot of insider information about it.

3. Geography: One of the reasons why geography is one of the subjects that I think are quite acceptable, is the vast range of topics such as, Learning about countries, climate change, industries, etc. In the first class of geography for this year, we were mostly talking about how we should save earth and take care of environment, which is vital to learn.

4. Math: In the past years, I have had some difficulty with math and I would always get confused. I feel like now I’m able to learn in my own pace and take my time. When it comes to practical learning like using it in your life, we might only use 50% of what we learnt. Concepts like: Commercial math, Basic calculations, time, etc.

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Random Thursdays: What have I been watching in the YouTubes?

In my free time, I mostly watch a lot of videos by creators and artists. Whether it be normal commentaries, gaming, music or just youtubers in general. In this blog, I will be sharing some of the content I watch on a regular basis, let’s get into it!

Image result for minecraft

MCYT(Minecraft youtubers): As Minecraft has been growing in the platform, with gameplays and few commentaries, various Minecraft youtubers have been booming with subscribers since. They mostly livestream in the platform twitch, where a lot of people donate money and chat with the streamer. Most of the content have been drifted towards the DREAMSMP, a server full of popular gamers. That includes The owner Dream, Tommyinnit, Wilbur soot, Georgenotfound, Badboyhalo, and sooooo many more members, I mostly watch videos of their simply because it’s funny and it’s nice to see their content.

Image result for sssniperwolf

SSSniperwolf: I’m pretty sure a lot of people know her for her content and her signature thumbnails. I never got into her videos at first because I wasn’t interested, that was until early 2021 I started giving her a chance and watched her videos, and I loved it. She has more of comfortable and relatable presence in her videos which makes it entertaining and fun to watch. Her content includes reaction videos, cosplays, trying hacks, cool hobbies and lots more!

Image result for v-tuber

V-tubers: V-tubers or Virtual youtubers, are creators who don’t necessarily show their face cam in videos, but keep an avatar as their persona in the internet. They use various software to capture their face and body movement to give life to the avatar. These V-tubers use avatars that are related to anime or even inanimate objects. I got into V-tubers recently, mostly because of interested I was in how they portray themselves in the internet with a whole new personality.

See the source image

K-pop videos: In my free time, I love watching K-pop meme compilations, music videos, stages, basically any content related to K-pop. It’s mostly because I basically enjoy the culture and the concepts, it’s really refreshing.

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Random Thursdays: Top 4 K-pop songs in my Spotify playlist- July

In my “about me” page, I talked about how I love K-pop. I have written a blog on the top 4 songs I have in my playlist in may, sadly I didn’t do for June. I was supposed do it in the first weeks of July and now we are at the end, so I’m gonna be sharing what songs I have been listening to in this month. Let’s get into it!

PTT(Paint The Town) by LOONA: It was released on June 28, 2021.Ever since this was released, I wasn’t interested much, now it’s just grown on me. The Indian vibes, the hardcore dancing and interesting vocals really stood out to me. The one thing that made me happy about this comeback is that Haseul came back from her hiatus and she’s stronger than ever!

Next Level by aespa: It was released on May 17, 2021. This was such an anticipated comeback and I was so excited, the teaser photos were so beautiful too! when it finally released, I was kind of having mixed opinions. It was like listening to 5 songs at the same time and was quite confusing. After a while, I started to love it. Winter and Ningning’s vocals slapped in the verses, Giselle and Karina finally got raps and I was so happy.

Don’t fight the feeling by EXO: It was released on June 7, 2021. It has been a year since we had a comeback from them and when the notification came that EXO is coming back, I legit thought I was in a dream. This comeback has only 7 members which includes Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun, D.O, Xiumin and Lay. The rest of the members are in the military(including Baekhyun and Chanyeol, they left after they finished filming). When it released, I was quite happy with the comeback. It was quite cheerful and had soulful vocals, rap and it had also fit their overall concept and storyline of their career.

First by Everglow: It was released on May 25, 2021. When I first listened to this song, I felt it was different from their other comebacks. It has more of a boy-group choreo and hard hitting instrumental which brought a lot girl crush vibes which I loved. It was quite fast paced and it had a lot of iconic moments.

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Random Thursdays: Food – My favs!

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

Everyone loves food, including me. But there are always types of cuisines in which people like or even want to try, there’s something for everyone. I personally, have my own tastes. In this blog, I am going to be sharing some of my favorite dishes which I order & make at home. Let’s get into it.

Starters: Soups- Soups are quite good to start with before you are having a meal. I enjoy having soups but it’s quite hot so I tend to blow it and let the steams clear my nostrils while I sip. I mostly have Tomato soup with bread crumbs or clear soup with meat and veggies. Paneer(Indian cottage cheese): Usually in South Indian restaurants, they server paneer with some chutney or they fry it to make crispy in the outside and soft on the inside, which is what I love eating.

Main course: Lunch – Curry with rice: This is kind of basic simply because this is what I normally eat when it comes to homecooked meals. Even when I go to restaurants with my family, we mostly order biryani or just normal meals(which is like a mix of different curries with rice and a poppadum). Biryani: This has been of the popular dishes in my city, and I enjoy it sometimes. They use various type of spices to flavor the rice and add some vegetables or even meat to make it appetizing.

Dinner – Pizza: When it comes to ordering dinner from outside, pizza is one of my favorite foods. It would be mostly from dominos or pizza hut. I mostly enjoy pizzas with any sorts or even Margherita(plain cheese), maybe with some garlic bread and some sauce, that’s sounds so good right now😋. Pasta: I enjoy pasta in rare occasions. Sometimes I make it at home or sometimes we order it. Recently, I have been just making it at home. But, I don’t boil anything or make an actual legit pasta with all that work, it’s just those normal packets you can buy at the store, in which you can make at home in like 5 minutes or so.

Desserts: Cake: This is quite common but I eat it on special occasions. During birthday parties, that is the number 1 reason why I go to them, cake! I mostly enjoy having chocolate cakes and cakes with butter cream. Mousse: The reason why I like this dessert is the texture. It’s smooth and and is really quite good. Some places even put syrup( mostly lemon or strawberry) to add a new taste to it. I mostly the fruity ones because they taste quite refreshing!

And that brings to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed this blog, feel free to look into my blog and Pinterest, until then… Bye now!

Random Thursdays: Online classes – What’s up with it? – Pt.3

In this last part of the blog, I will be talking about how tests and exams work online. During school, we would have our test in the classroom, with an invigilator, and do the questions in the classroom. In online, it’s kind of the same, but in an online format. In this blog, I will be talking about how it works and some of my experiences with it. Let’s get into it!

We would be in the call where our invigilator will be waiting. The test papers come in digital formats, such as PDFs, MS word, or in a google docs. The invigilator would tell us to download it just in case our internet is bad or something will go wrong. Since the school still wants us to go back to writing, they would tell us to have a piece of paper to write it in. Some of the tests would 45 minutes to an hour, depending on we start and end. The hard part was, that we should turn it in PDF formats. If we have any doubts, the invigilator would send an email to the teacher.

This format can be easier for Teachers because they can edit it using their software and can see our answers better with scanning. There was always so many issues for the students when they have to convert it, me included. We had to download an called “Adobe”, pretty sure some of us know what it is. If you don’t know, it is a scanning app which turns pictures into PDFs. I had few issues with it, because it would either take too long or my text would be faded. At the end of the day, we have time to convert it and send it soon as possible so we can get our marks.

In this 3 part series of me talking about online classes, my thoughts on it is quite simple, to say the least. There a lot of differences between the modes. If you ask me which I would choose or prefer, is I don’t know. They both have their ups and downs, and all we can do is deal with it.

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Random Thursdays: Online classes – what’s up with it? – Pt.2

In my school we used to have Inter-school competitions, Intra-school competitions, Annual day and Sports day as events. Since it is online school, a lot of couldn’t be done, especially the annual and sports day. In this blog, I will be showing some of the things my school has done for events. Let’s get into it!

Inter-school and Intra-school competition – This would happen in children’s day. Back in 7th grade in which I started online school, we had few competitions which were hosted online. Some of them included Photography, Cut and paste, Taglines for products, singing, dancing, instrumental and lots more. Usually in school, we used to do all these in different class in which we were assigned to, and we would have all dancing and singing in the auditorium, which all of the students would go once they are done. Since it was done online, some we had to record ourselves(for singing and dancing) and some in a meeting invigilated by some teachers. We also would have an arcade for all activities and a special performance done by teachers. The online school arcade had some activities like spin the wheel, guess the student by the baby picture, puzzles and a lot more, this happened for 3-4 hours. In the end the teachers collaborate and they make a video. This would happen in different schools where we travel to various schools to participate. Now since everything is online, very few things are happening.

Swadeshi week – This week would happen on the week of the independence of India. In this week we would look at the culture of our country and dress up in ethnic clothing. Since it is online, we would still wear our clothes in the meeting and do presentations and few online games.

And that brings to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed this part of the blog, feel free to look into my blog and Pinterest, until then… Bye now!

Random Thursdays: Online classes – What’s up with it? Pt.1

Online classes have been going on for a good a year and a half. I have had a lot of interesting experiences in these years and how they have conducting it, and I am waiting to share you my experiences, and what I do to make sure my learning is good and organized. There is a lot of things I want to discuss and share my opinions so I will be doing a total of 3 parts. In this blog, I will be talking about how normal classes work and how I get my materials. Let’s get into it!

During classes, there is a lot of regulations kept in a class. Keep video cam on. Unmute if you want to speak. Refrain from eating. and paying attention. Easy right? But as I kept doing the same thing every single day, it gets tiring and boring to a point where I am exhausted. In my classes, it starts at 8:30 and ends at 2:30, and I am quite comfortable with it. We don’t have class back to back, but more of which time slots is preferable so that the students won’t wear out. One thing that I’m sure everyone has a problem is glitches and connection. I feel like since lockdown, gadgets have been acting up lately. Freezing and loading screens, bandwidth being too low, this has just grown a whole new pet peeve for me. Is it just me or does the laptops and phones hate us, like literally ” I’m sick and tired of these shenanigans” kinda vibes I’m thinking, just me?, ok then. This makes online class a lot more hard.

We do have our textbooks and notebooks but we have a new series of sources. PPTs and videos. Although they are fine, it is quite hard to catch up just because of the amount of ppts, so what I do, is I create google drive folders to put them in. It is quite helpful, because of all the worksheets and slides we can follow, and also live recordings. Although they are quite long, it’s still the closest thing that is helpful for me any time I have a doubt. Speaking of doubts, asking questions goes 3 ways, Talk, Chat box, or email. These are the modes we are to use, and I find it easier to email so that I don’t interrupt ma’am.

And now we have come to the end of Pt.1, I do have a lot to share, but I hope oyu enjoyed this one, Do share it if you found it interesting, until then…Bye now!